Root Canal & Restoration
Treatment of tooth infection by restoration and Root Canal Approach
Dental Implantology

The most advanced form of single and multiple tooth replacement using titanium implants.

Periodontics & Gum Diseases 

Bleeding and swollen gums may are a direct indication of overall health, and are easily treatable if reported early.

Orthodontics and Braces 

Advanced aesthetic procedures for creating beautiful smiles

Prosthetics & Dental Reconstruction 

Multi-specialty approach for reconstruction dental structure using Advanced Biomaterials 

Taking care of your Dental Health

Transparent Treatment

The clinic ensures that no treatment procedure or cost is performed or presented without the patients complete understanding and agreement.

Personal Touch

Our aim is to add the healer's touch which is long lost from the profession. Clinicians at SUDMC ensure that each patient is taken care at a personal level.. 


The clinic is run by Dr.Saket Kashyap (BDS, MDS - Gum & Implant Surgeon) and visited by a specialist from various fields of the respective departments.